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Come be a part of our growing community of people who are changing the world. One prayer and partner at a time.

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Throughout the year we will host different events at different times, and for a different variety of reasons all with one purpose and goal in mind. To help the trapped youth of our time break free from their oppressors and live their true potential.

Sponsor Our Mission

Volunteer with us for our fundraising events. Or consider making a donation to our cause.
Whether you want to make a one time donation online, or sponsor a portion of our Fundraising Events, we are always needing more hands.

Contact us at for more information on how to sponsor our mission.

Pray for Our Kids

Even if you cannot attend our events or make any sort of donation, prayer for our mission, our staff, our rescued survivors and all involved in what we are doing helps. If you'd like to pray for specific needs, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates on what we need prayer for specifically. Thank you!

Some of the companies that are part of our life saving mission:

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